Saturday, September 13, 2008

A New Chair on the Blogging Scene

Hello Gal Bloggers (and Guys).

I just started a blog (in the sense of earlier this summer) and after feedback from some respected bloggers telling me I'm incredibly lazy and should really start blogging like every day and NOT every month, I have begun the task of becoming an official blogger.

It is an interesting life, being a blogger. I actually have to read the paper and not rely on television or the Internet, which kind of sucks--I hate it when my fingers get all dirty and I have to do so much work, like looking at words! I have to qualify a statement and make it clear. And I'm obsessed with how many people visit my blog. Luckily, I'm a moron with this HTML stuff--my counter STILL doesn't work, so right now, it's at zero.

What's fun, though, is the limitless amount of stuff to write about. All I have to do is sit in my chair that marks the spot in the street in the front of my house and wait for something stupid to happen.

For the moment, I seem to be focused on writing on the presidential election and our mayor's administration. I'm in a political mood, what can I say. Who wouldn't be in this climate? I encourage you to check out my blog sometime--I'll save you a spot:

Lady Elaine