Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Proposed HHS regs will limit access to health care based on religious beliefs

Just received word of this ....

Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS), Michael Leavitt, from enacting
harsh regulations that would threaten your access to vital reproductive health
care. The proposed regulatory language would allow your health care provider to
refuse to provide certain medical services on the basis of his or her own
religious ideology.
If the proposed regulations become law, any medical
professional could refuse to provide you with:

-birth control pills or other
forms of hormonal contraception

-emergency contraception

-an abortion

-a referral for an abortion

-an examination, if you are seeking treatment to which he/she opposes ideologically

-a referral for any other necessary medical services to which he/she opposes ideologically.

Thursday, September 25 is the deadline for public input. You can take action through the Advocates for Youth website here. Or through NOW here.

Now puts it pretty succintly "This Administration has lost its moral compass when the personal and private beliefs of a pharmacist or bookkeeper are more important than a woman's bodily integrity, her health, her future, and her right to family planning options. Birth Control is NOT Abortion."

This is just me speaking, but I can see how this extends beyond birth control. What about women and men seeking medical support during their gender transition? What if the community health clinic refuses to provide referrals to qualified practicioners, leaving these individuals out in the cold?

What about sexual orientation? What if the community health center staff oppose same sex relationships and refuse to provide good information on safe sex practices? Or referrals for counseling to therapists or providers that are gay-positive?

I found my current therapist through a former PCP and gay-positive was part of my criteria. What if she refused to give me a referral?

Where will it end? Please take a moment to send that email. And blog about this.

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  1. this is beyond what we should even consider!

    i am appalled. put it on my blog.

    my god!