Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dan Onorato's Silence on Gay Issues is not "moot"


Let me just say this. If HB 300 becomes law and our community gains statewide civil protections in the areas of housing, employment and public accomodation, it will be a good thing.
However, it is shortsighted to celebrate that avoiding a county vote on this issue -- especially any public commitment from our Chief Executive -- is some sort of auxillary victory. It is most decidedly not, especially when Dan Onorato gets to run for Governor without doing anything for gay people.
Electing a social conservative to follow in the footsteps of Ed Rendell is not going to be very good news if you aren't protected by the privileges of race, gender, sexual orientation or class (or any combination of those). No human rights ordinance can protect us from that.
Is it completely unrealistic to ask Chief Executive Onorato to make a show of good faith on any one gay issue over which he holds sway? Just one, Dan. It doesn't have to be the HRC. Just do one thing.
My God, why is this so unreasonable?

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