Friday, March 6, 2009

Something's rotten in Lawrenceville

Full disclosure: I am a volunteer on Susan Banahasky's campaign for District Magistrate.
MARCH 5, 2009
Disorder in the court endorsement


  1. Democratic jokers, er commitee people, in Lawrenceville have known since Gene's last election when and who was going to take his place. The only thing they had to figure out was if it should be Tony or two other well placed/well known Lawrenceville democrats.
    Common knowledge.
    While Tony does what he does well. I just can't imagine him as a judge. He can't even talk or write a complete sentance. (either can I, but I'm not a future judge!)
    Other than Lawrenceville United, don't think he held many jobs.
    Scary thought. And the other two weren't that great either. But at least one was a lawyer. Granted, not a good one, but a lawyer non the less.
    I really think the district justice should have a college degree.

  2. Anon., you appear to have "inside" info/perspective. I'd love to know more, would you email me, I will keep your info confidential. You could even use a fake/anonymous email acct. My email is:
    gtforouzan (at)