Monday, March 30, 2009

Playing 20 questions

So many questionnaires are being cranked out these days that, albeit many are circulated via the internet, many others are sent out on dead trees (paper). Regardless of delivery method, some thoughts:

A candidate recently bemoaned the fact that candidates are receiving not only questionnaires from the old standbys, newspapers, unions, etc. seeking info, to aid in their endorsement process, but the number of issue/activist organizations, rights groups, environmental groups,etc. are also sending out their questionnaires. And a third, rising sector that's jumping onto the Questionnaire bandwagon is the blogging community.

I applaud efforts to get as much info as possible into voters' hands so they can make smart decisions in the polling booth.

However, I do sympathize with candidates, especially those seeking "wide" offices, e.g. county wide, state wide. They are deluged with so many questionnaires that they must delegate the answering of these to others. Some questionnaires are not tailored to specific offices, they are a generic list of questions, some not applicable to the office being sought. Finally, some questionnaires have an inordinate number of questions, to the point of absurdity.

Be honest, do you read responses to questionnaires?
Do you search out organizations' candidate questionnaires to learn about those running for office?

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