Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She did what?

I just took this quiz in today’s P-G and got quite a few answers wrong. Plus I just LOVE LUPEC.

A Pittsburgh women's history quiz

It’s more fun than filling out/reading the incessant lot of inane quizzes coming out of Facebook, e.g. What are your top 5 favorite brands of toilet paper? Back in high school what were the 11 best places for major make out sessions? (Hey, if you like these quizzes, more power to you, just leave me alone).


  1. I wish I loved LUPEC, too. I do like Ms. Benford though. I recall being the only blonde (well, one did walk in later ... ) who went to an open event once at Kelly's and was treated like I had the plague and DISCOURAGED from joining (and quite vehemently) by a young woman in a patronizing and condescending manner because "I had kids" and I "might not have the time" to devote to such an organization. Oh yes, I need much time to come up with a drink recipe. (Though I know yeah yeah they do much more. They celebrate women. Just dead ones, apparently.)

    Jennifer Benford was the ONLY one there who made me feel welcome. I asked hey, "Hey, um, don't you think it's a little ironic you're celebrating the women who can do it all -- those "pioneers" you admire so much -- but yet, you've got a young woman over there who is doing her best to keep me from being involved (oh, and she was) because I HAVE KIDS?" Then I asked how many women were in attendance who had children. I think it was one. And she had one child.

    Well, as a mom herself these days, I know that the wonderful Ms. Benford probably understands where I'm coming from better than ever now. When I later told some members what I happened to do, however, I was treated differently. It was "Oh, please, let us take your photo for our web site," which I later demanded be removed. That's why, a lot of times when I go anywhere, I just tell everybody I'm a soccer mom who wandered into the wrong place. I have always loved watching how people treat me if I tell them I do this, as opposed to that. Or that, as opposed to this.

    In all fairness, though, that was just my experience, and it was a few years ago. I haven't been to an event since. (And as I do recall, I was the only woman wearing a man's tie. It was around St. Patrick's Day, so of course, it had a shamrock on it. Being a dumb blonde, I wore it because it matched my eyes.) Jennie even let me joke around with her about me not having "the look" and let me try on her glasses to see if I'd "fit in" better. So I had a fantastic discussion with her and thanks to her, left feeling a little less pissed off. But still pissed off that people stereotype me based upon my looks.

  2. And that I have children. God forbid I help bring up the population count in the city.

  3. Good quiz. Bad score. I missed 5 (#s 8, 10, 12, 13, 14).