Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gynechologist Assasinated as He Enters His Church This Morning

Dr. George Tiller has been shot and killed at his Wichita church.

The shooting happened around ten o'clock Sunday morning at the Reformation Lutheran Church.

Full article here:

More to come on this one I'm sure.

We've already been warned that the wingnuts were out there buying more guns. So far, they've been killing their own families. Now...I hope the FBI is all over this one and soon.


  1. i have run out of words. i am so angry that no one has stopped the nudge nudge wink wink condoning of the hate speech and approval of violence that comes from the ant-choice people and organizations.

    today they are moaning that obama might use this to help shut them up.

    i wish, i really do hope he does.

  2. The way the KKK was finally killed off was to sue it into submission. I hope the family of Dr. Tiller sues Operation Rescue into submission. I've been advocating this since 1996! They might also go after someone with deeper pockets - Bill O'Reilly who targeted Dr. Tiller specifically.

  3. i wish they would. oh how i wish they would!