Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yard Sign Thuggery

There's lots of jokes, especially from political campaign crews coming into Southwestern PA from other parts of the US, about our penchant for yard signs.

In recent days, Natalia Rudiak, City Council candidate and Susan Banahasky, District Judge candidate, have had many of their yard signs stolen.

If you've ever worked on a grassroots campaign you know how hard a grassroots candidate works to raise each dollar. Organizing volunteers for unsexy, arduous tasks such as distributing yard signs is also a major enterprise.

Yard sign thuggery happens every election season. It speaks loudly about how little the opponents' supporters value democracy, private property and basic rights.

If you live in either of these women's districts, please keep in mind the nature of their opponents' "supporters".

Yeah, I say 'Go for it', judge them by the company they keep.


  1. i would like t know wear tony ceoffe is geting all this money for his signs? someone please call tom cobbet to ck this guy out he and his kickbacks he gets.......

  2. It's genuinely upsetting how the party machine can't be content with all the money and all the power -- they also have to be garden-variety unethical.

    Maybe once they get their asses handed to them two elections in a row they'll actually come up with another game plan.

  3. The Anthony Coghill campaign has had yard signs stolen as well. Unfortunately this seems to go on in every election. I wish this didn't go on and the Coghill campaign does not condone this type of behavior.

  4. Everyone might want to make sure they have spare tires in their vehicles as well.

  5. Yes, tires do seem to go flat frequently in a certain district.

  6. We, in Lawrenceville, know it's springtime/Primary season when tires start going flat, for no apparent reason.

    Must be the atmospheric shift...

  7. no it's tony ceoffe tire team doing it. there good for that he is a peace of shit...

  8. It's really a shocker when the Coghill signs are taken down, considering they were posted WITHOUT permission in peoples yards and property. Another shocker that Rudiak signs that I personally posted with permission were taken down and replaced with Coghill signs. Definetly weird Matt H. and unfortunately like you said, it happens in every election - hey- doesn't Coghill run,like, all of the time? I can't imagine who was behind the sign stealing. cough (Coghill)Maybe he will get a hint and stop running for city council and all of the yard signs will stop being stolen too. I can only dream.

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