Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who do you endorse?

My 2009 endorsements, in alphabetical order (and, for the record, I approve this message):

Susan Banahasky, District Judge, (district consists of the 6th & 9th wards: Polish Hill, lower & central Lawrenceville). To volunteer/donate:

Susan’s Facebook page: “Banahasky for District Magistrate”:’

Barbara Ernsberger, for Commonwealth Judge, statewide office

Hugh McGough, Court of Common Pleas, Allegheny County

Bill Peduto, Pittsburgh City Council,
Also worth a look, Bill’s new site,

Natalia Rudiak, Pittsburgh City Council,


  1. Great question!

    My list:

    Susan Banahasky, District Judge, http://www.susanformagistrate.comGeorgia Blotzer, Pittsburgh City Council District 2, http://www.georgiaforcouncil.comBarbara Ernsberger, for Commonwealth Judge, http://www.ernsbergerforjudge.comHugh McGough, Court of Common Pleas, Allegheny County, http://www.mcgough4judge.comBill Peduto, Pittsburgh City Council District 8, http://www.billpeduto.comNatalia Rudiak, Pittsburgh City Council District 4, http://nataliarudiak.comRE: Mayoral Race:Unfortunately, I'm sure Lil Mayor Luke will win. If I thought Patrick Dowd was close, I'd have no problem voting for him. If I thought Carmen Robinson was close, I'd have no problem voting for her. I'm leaning towards Dowd, but I may go with Robinson.


  2. Sorry! Couldn't get this to format right no matter how many times I tried.

  3. Maria, thank you. I forgot about Natalia, yes I also endorse the future councilwoman Rudiak.

  4. Sorry, that was me, not anonymous.


  5. Coghill, Tony C and Theresa Smith all the way!

  6. Matt H,

    Why do you endorse Tony Ceoffe? I am not trying to be snide, but am truly curious as to why someone from across town would endorse Tony. Is it because he's endorsed by the Dem. Cmte.? Do you know the shenanigans that went on re that endorsement? I'd be happy to fill you in.


  7. Mayor: Dowd
    Council Dist 2: Rob Frank
    Council Dist 4: Natalia Rudiak
    Council Dist 8: Bill Peduto
    Common Pleas: Hugh, Carrie Bengel, Susan DiLucente, Joe Williams

    Commonwealth: Barb Ernsberger

    Superior: Anne Lazarus & Younge