Saturday, May 16, 2009

WAMO format flip

Citing the market, WAMO will flip to an all-religious format.

Great. Not only to do we lose the only progressive voice on the radio, we get Focus on the Family to replace it.

I'm Sue Kerr, the Post-Gazette endorsed blogger.


  1. well that just sucks!

    (sherry, max the puggle's endorsed mom)

  2. This blows my mind. I worked for the station for a while a number of years ago and it amazes me that they'd drop their flagship station while keeping their HQ here and stations down south. My guess is not only are we losing the city's only urban music station, the only local talk station with a progressive voice (again!) we're also going to see even more jobs lost when Sheridan/AURN pick up and head to Atlanta or Birmingham. This sucks a lot.

  3. That's capitalism and the wholly-NAB owned FCC for you.

    There was a time when the broadcast spectrum was considered public property, and programming could not just be market-driven. it had to serve the public interest and show it filled a specific need. No more.