Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Allegheny County Council will vote on Human Relations Commission ordinance on July 1, 2009

Just confirmed this with Allegheny County Council staff. The Human Relations Commission ordinance which will include sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression as protected classes countywide will be on the agenda for the July 1, 2009 hearing.

The January 15 hearing on this ordinance drew a record-breaking crowd of 150 attendees, most in favor of the ordinance. My information is that the ordinance will be amended to include certain exemptions for faith based organizations.

Please turn out at 5 PM on July 1, 2009 in the Gold Room. Imagine the power of breaking the January 15 record turnout. The LGBTQ community deserves every victory we can muster to fight the coming battles.


  1. Maybe it started a bit before Jan. 15 th , when way more people than I'd have imagined turned out for the rally in Schenley in Oakland, that included gay, lesbian, transgendered & heteros.

    And quite a few of our local electeds.

    Hats off to all.

  2. So does that mean that the language was not altered after all?

  3. Actually the language has been changed quite a lot. The new language allows for a much broader and more dangerous religious exception to the ordinance.

  4. Religious exception... got to research if that means as it applies to religious institutions, or landlords / employers etc who happen to cite personal religious reasons for their actions.