Tuesday, June 2, 2009


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  1. This is incredibly interesting...
    I'm a journalism major and after going to school for four years learning how to be "objective" and report news honestly, watching Fox News is always frustrating for me.
    It seems to be the opposite of honest news reporting and if they are going to have such a strong bias, they need to stop calling themselves journalists and reporters and call themselves something more fitting, such as hosts.
    On another note, I noticed that this is a Pittsburgh related blog.
    Pittsburgh has a lot to be proud of, and sometimes it seems like not everyone sees that.
    I was web browsing the other day and noticed an article on an internet marketing company that is doing a campaign to get Pittsburgh's official site to rank #1 in google's search for "The Best City in the World."
    I thought this was pretty cool, and that any Pittsburgh blogger would be interested, since the residents of Pittsburgh tend to be very proud of their city.
    Here's the link to the article...