Thursday, June 4, 2009

I just can't get enough of that sweet stuff called...

... Pittsburgh Politics

Heard about this last week on Hop Kendrick's WAMO AM show, all are invited, it's free & for the motley crew of Pittsburgh political junkies (there's more than 2), it may be interesting:

Analysis of our 2009 Primary election

June 6, 2009
3 p.m.
Monumental Baptist Church
2240 Wylie Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
(412) 281-3384‎

W PA Assembly, Allegheny County Crusade for Voters


  1. I attended and, as I pledged to myself, I kept my mouth shut & mind & ears open. The event was interesting from several perspectives, several people there who have knowledge of local political events stretching back decades. I wonder why most of these people aren't asked by local media to participate on panels dealing with local politics? With the exception of Hop Kendrick I hadn't heard of most of these folks. The moderator, Carlos Brossard, is a pollster/statistician, his insights were refreshing and expanded the way I think about things. And that's just from a 2 hr. meeting!

    At the very least Brossard ought to be on Off Q's weekly panel. He'd be a welcome addition/change on that panel.

    As involved as I've been in local politics, I came away realizing I've, for the most part, been involved in white, local politics. So my experience is severely limited.

    And yet, some things never change, the panel was entirely comprised of African American men. Although there were women in the audience, for the most part they listened and asked few questions/made few comments.

    PS: yes, it was hard for me to keep my mouth shut...

  2. I, not anonymous, made the above comment, Gloria