Saturday, June 20, 2009

PA Senator Eichelberger "allows" gays to "exist"

Pennsylvania State Senator John Eichelberger (R-PA-30th) on gays and same-sex marriage:

They’re not being punished. We’re allowing them to exist, and do what every American can do. We’re just not rewarding them with any special designation.

Read more at Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents and 2 Political Junkies and then take action:

  • You can sign a petition at Keystone Progress here.

  • And, you can do as Sue @ Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents suggests:

    I think you need to do more. You need to call YOUR Senator today or Monday and raise the roof over this outrageous comment. Here's the link to find your Senator. I called Senator Fontana and demanded he address this with Senator Eichelbeger and the Republican and Senate leadership. No way is this okay. I do not exist at the whim of Pennsylvania's Republicans or the hatemongerers masking as the ardent defenders of marriage.

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    1. Fontana's staffer was pretty responsive. He was a bit taken aback when I read the transcript to him, but asked for the url and other information so they could review it themselves. I was very clear that the Senator and other allies should not let this pass unacknowledged.

    2. Can you imagine the stink millions of people would raise if anyone ever said "We're allowing them to exist" if the reference was to fundamentalist Christians??

    3. I'd also encourage everyone to E-mail Eichelberger. He has a comment box here:

    4. I'm calling Sen. Jay Costa on Monday (it was too late on Friday and his office is closed on the weekend).

      I'm going to remind him that when Eichelberger says, "We’re allowing them to exist..." the "we're" he is referring to is the PA Senate and ask him if Eichelberger speaks for him.

    5. Please DO take action to combat these outlandish and vile comments.

    6. Sit back and let the boys take care of it. They've done such a good job with Luke Ravenstahl.