Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today's P-G reports on the findings of a study designed to determine whether the city of Pittsburgh's women & minority staffers are being discriminated against.

'Shocking' findings on salaries for city employees:

An average woman makes 80% of what the average man earns, an average African-American earns 87% of what the average man makes.

Why, pray tell? For one thing the study shows that most female city staffers are in lower paid positions, while, surprise again, the higher paid positions go largely to men.

Could this be related news? The P-G also reports that "City of Pittsburgh Personnel Director Barbara Trant has resigned..."

And the beat goes on.


  1. not surprised. it stinks to high heaven.

  2. things haven't changed all that much from the late 60's!

    that is more than shameful.

  3. Did you receive a copy of the study?

    I may only have skimmed the morning news articles, but it sounded as though the papers were presenting, "No inequities in city government salaries after all!!! Kalu Kalay!"

  4. I don't have a copy of the study, just what I read in the P-G, it didn't seem like they were presenting it as, "No need to worry ladies, go back to watching Oprah." The point that the majority of female staffers are in the lower paying job categories was clearly made.

    But back to Trant...coinkeedink?
    Gloria Forouzan

  5. Trant ... pick 'em. Any number of reasons.

    "Lower paying job categories." That is a far stickier wicket to reform, methinks. There are issues of inequities in education, schooling ... shoot, NURTURE, if you want to get crazy ... but it would be foolish to dismiss any concerns about the city's hiring and promotion practices. I wonder if that's in the very fine print of the study, but that would have to be one hellacious doozy of a study.

    Either way -- this study needs to be studied! TOO MUCH ON THE PLATE!!!! I crunched out the post on TC, Gloria, you handle the study study. Not it!