Tuesday, June 10, 2008

O'Connor's Legacy Fading on Supreme Court

"WASHINGTON — When retired justice Sandra Day O'Connor visited Capitol Hill
recently to speak publicly about her husband's Alzheimer's, she was greeted as a
national hero. Senators lauded her historic place as the first woman on the
Supreme Court and the justice whose opinions often set the nation's law." (Rest

I also read a post on the Wired Blog that she is making a computer game about the judicial system.

"Delivering the keynote address Wednesday at the annual Games For Change
at Parsons The New School For Design, O'Connor detailed a project
she is spearheading called Our Courts, which she described as an "online,
interactive civic education project for seventh- and eighth-graders" that
familiarizes students with the legal system. O'Connor believes that America's
youth aren't learning enough about civics, and thinks that the educational power
of videogames is just the thing to change that.
"Only one-third of Americans
can name the three branches of government," O'Connor said, "but two-thirds can
name a judge on American Idol."

Interesting Stuff.

-Agent Ska-

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