Monday, June 30, 2008

Red Light--Green Light.

Dear Public,

Barack Obama is a wonderful breath of fresh air. With that said, he is still a politician who has a career and millions of dollars to worry about. Please stop glorifying him because in the end, he will end up voting on things that many of his supporters will disagree with. This could lead to disillusionment. Which would be followed by a certain dinner-style repetitive debate-style dialogue which might make my head spontaneously explode.

That's all.


Agent Ska


  1. oh i fully expect him to be

    1. unable do do some things

    2. unwilling to do some things

    3. piss me off at leat a half dozen times over 4 years.
    anything's better than 4 more republican years.

  2. too late. Obama has taken the form of a loving, sensitive gift- giving prospective husband. After the honeymoon, he comes out in his wife-beater and orders us to kneel and behold our God.