Saturday, January 19, 2008

Blog for Choice: Tuesday is the 35th Anniversary of Roe v Wade

Consider participating in the 2008 Blog For Choice project by allocating at lease one blog post on your blog to the topic of why it is important to vote pro-choice. You'll have to surf over to Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents on Tuesday (or perhaps late Monday evening) to see what I have to say on that topic. It may not be particularly profound, but it will come from my heart. This is what I wrote last year. Here's what Maria wrote.

Blog for Choice Day

Participation is easy. Simply follow the link embedded in the image to sign up. Then add the code to your site and voila! As The Society has no defined stance on this issue, it would not be appropriate for us to sign up or post the banner to represent us all. Still, each of us has something to add to the conversation and I hope we each shall.

There couldn't be a timelier topic, especially given the vitriole around gender, race and class issues emerging in Presidential politics.

I encourage all members of The Society to give this some thought.


  1. i signed up.
    i'm old enough to remember how it was.

  2. Now this is an interesting thread, Sherry. I was born in late 1970 so obviously I have no idea of how it was. In my case, the topic never arose until I was in college (in DC at a Catholic school). Thus, my awareness grew as the threat to Roe grew. I've always felt a little sense of things slowly eroding away and never the sense of progress. As well as a really impending sense of doom of ending up "back there."

  3. as with any time period there was so much more that just one or two lines or a paragraph in a book.

    there was the whole attitude of society. i went to a high school that ranged from some very poor or lower middle to the children of the extremely wealthy. the rules were and still are very different for the wealthy. we all knew a few girls that had illegal but safe, clean abortions, and those that had back alley or tried to abort on thier own using some of the most dangerous and stupid ideas which, were always whispered about. these young girls were terrified enough to try anything because an unmarried girl was still ,especially here where we still are 10 years behind the times in certain things, especially attitudes.
    pregnant unmarried girls, even those in thier 20's, were most times, sent off to relatives or the local home for unwed mothers(were they were routinely harassed by the local teenaged boys. if they chose, or if they were given the option by the family, to keep their child, that child was permenently "marked" and the girl was labeled a slut for life and many many boys would hit on them, lie to them, humiliate them.the girl's life was pretty much "ruined".
    the happy stories were few and far between.
    thankfully society's attitude toward unmarried mothers has changed a lot. that i think is why a lot of younger people can't undestand the feelings that drove young girls and women to back alleys.
    i'm just touching the surface here.
    i get so upset when people think pro-choice people are selfish or lazy or hate kids. that we take having an abortion lightly, all the lying spin some put on people like me.
    i've seen girls who went thru it, both ways. nothing is a perfect choice but we should be allowed as human beings, to make those choices for ourselves.