Saturday, January 12, 2008

Maria Frances Lauterbach

It just bothers me that it was six paragraphs into the story before the AP used her name.

It is believed that her grave has been found. It appears that the Marines and the local Sheriff didn't believe her claim that she was raped. Now she's dead.

Don't worry though, as it does appear that the media and those charged with protecting Maria Lauterbach have successfully trotted out the usual rash of 'we didn't believe her b/c of X' explanations, including the claims that she has a family history of bipolar disorder and may have been a pathological liar. Amazing how many times rapists and their protectors hold up mental illness as proof that someone can't be victimized. Why it just isn't fathomable, I suppose, that an individual with a mental illness might be especially vulnerable to a rapist.

The fact that she was pregnant makes the headlines or the opening parapraph. Her name doesn't. That just seems so very sad.

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