Monday, January 7, 2008


you asked. here it is.
of course, no one is here right now to take a photo so i did it myself.
due to being 5 ft 2 with short arms you can see the flash bouncing back from the silver roots. linda did a good job blending 2 shades of blonde with the grey and the silver. it will grow out with much less of a line and the fact that the dark brown was fading to an ugly mud color just made it worse.

it seems trivial, but it does say quite a bit about how things are changing for us as women and the fact that i, myself will go to great lengths to avoid losing my mind listening to the asinine statements from the presidential candidates!


  1. I was kind of hoping for a headshot, but I guess a swatch will have to do. Hmm ...

  2. when my hair is all grey i'll be posting a new picture on my bio.

    ; )