Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What a pig!

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OK. To be honest this item happened during the last full week of 2007, but it doesn't so much call into question what year it is, but what century it is.

On December 26th, Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson said:

"Who are we going to set on the road — what man are we going to set on the road — to lead us and to stand against this assault?" he asked, emphasizing the word "man." He couched his comments by saying: "I say the word man advisedly. Now I've got a daughter that's going to be president some day, I know it, and I am all for a woman president, just not this year, not next year."

Without saying Clinton's name, he added: "There is no woman on the horizon that ought to be president next year, let's all agree on that."

It was characterized in the media as Thompson "teasing" Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

However, Thompson expressed the same sentiments the next day (if you recall, that was the day that former Pakistani Prime Minister and leading opposition candidate Benazir Bhutto was assassinated):

Fred Thompson doesn't have a problem with a female heading a government. But he's not ready for it in this country, at least not yet.

Speaking today to a small group of supporters in the last campaign rush before the Iowa caucuses next week, Thompson railed against those who opposed -- and ultimately assassinated -- former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

"They're driven to distraction by the notion that a secular woman would be head of government,'' the Republican presidential hopeful said of the woman who was slain as she campaigned for her country's presidency after years in exile.

But in America, Thompson said, repeating remarks earlier in the week, no woman is up to the job just yet.

"This year, it's a man, and next year, it's going to be a man,'' said the actor and former US senator from Tennessee. "I can see no one else who's qualified to be president of the United States.''

Well, Freddie Boy is right about one thing: They're (Republicans are) driven to distraction by the notion that a secular woman would be head of (the US) government.

What a pig.

Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson and
granddaughter daughter wife (Hey! At least he thinks
that women are good for something.)

Fred Thompson with his pick to head up a new
Commission on the Status of Women.



  1. i have no words for his views, just contempt.

  2. Don't shoot, but I am a registered card carrying republican...BUT let me just say that if Fred Thompson, like Hillary gets within sniffing distance of the White House I am so moving to Syberia!