Sunday, January 6, 2008

haircolor 2nd round

i suppose it started with a discussion we had on a post here.
the one on grey hair and hair coloring. i thought that i would NEVER give up my
dark hair and surrender as i termed it, to the grey that i am.

well, since then i gave the question AND the questions that came from that 1st.
question some serious thought and decided to grow out my hair. the trouble was, i looked like a little skunk. so my cousin, who colored hair for years for a living,came over yesterday and bleached as much out as humanly possible and shaded my hair to a pale reddish blonde leaving the grey roots alone so that it will grow all grey with less of a starkness. there are a few teeny pieces that are still dark. they just refused to do anything but laugh at the effort. a few haircuts tho and i'll be mostly pale blonde and grey and then my natural color.

frankly, i do catch myself looking at my reflection in the mirror and staring,
but the knowledge that i will NEVER have to go thru the mess and expense of coloring and purchasing all of those special shampoos and other products for colored hair is worth the shock of having a color that i never dreamed i'd have.i know i will be teased unmercifully by some of my friends and i'll probably hear a few catty comments from certain people, but i took the first step on a road to a little more free time and a chunk of self acceptance of my age.

don't think i'll ever give up my eyeliner tho. i enjoy that too much.


  1. I had my hair cut yesterday after 11 weeks -- yikes -- and asked my stylist about the grey issue. She told me that I should focus on getting in for a haircut on a regular basis, b/c history suggests that keeping up a dye schedule would be challenging for me at best. Then she cut me really short so it looks frosty instead of grey.

    Frosty. Like cake.

  2. thankfully, my hair is short and grows fairly fast. that's one of the reasons that it became such a chore to keep up the coloring. i liked my dark hair. it felt familiar because it was almost a perfect match to my natural color (when i was younger)

    i feel funny looking at myself now with the reddish gold or even if it were just all blonde would still feel strange. i will be much happier when i can be all grey.

    shouldn't be all that long and better to have started this change in the winter when i am not out that much.

    i just don't have the personality that i associate with hair other than dark.

    i'm curious tho about how strangers will react to me.
    will they take me as seriously as they did with dark hair?

    i've had people react to me differently if i'm wearing glasses versus when i'm not.

    that should be interesting.

  3. Eye liner OK...but don't start wearing blue eye shaddow and moo moos and you will be alright :)

  4. that made me laugh!

    no, no moo moos yet!

    tho, i'll bet they are comfy. ; )