Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brenda Frazier Campaign call for volunteers


As we’ve discussed, incumbent, Lisa Bennington, has decided not to seek re-election.

County Councilwoman Brenda Frazier-D, is running for Bennington’s State Representative seat in District 21.

Brenda is looking for volunteers to help her collect signatures on her petitions. The deadline for collecting signatures to get on the ballot is February 12, 2008.

To collect signatures you must be a Democrat living in District 21, which includes Bloomfield, Shadyside and Morningside neighborhoods, as well as the towns of Etna, Millvale, Sharpsburg, and parts of O’Hara, Ross and Reserve.

If you’re able to help, or for more information, please contact Brenda at: or 412.799.8251.



  1. I wouldn't help you if my life depended upon it. Bennington has done nothing for women and Run Baby Run has put women behind with their efforts to back candidates based upon gender alone and not record or fortitude.

    Forget it, lady -- I won't help you and I won't vote for you.

  2. Looking past the negative and far from truthful comments about run baby run, it is unfortunate someone would be willing to write off Ms. Frazier’s candidacy with obviously knowing little or nothing about her.

    She is an experienced leader serving on county council and getting results. Her candidacy is exactly what our community needs. She is dedicate to public service and has done numerous things for the community and woman, like leading the Stanton Heights Civic Association and playing a vital role on the YWCA Woman’s Advisory Commission.