Saturday, January 19, 2008

Odd confluence of trivia

Bits of oddball, apropos-of-nothing information rattle around in, then out, of my head. Because I hate to suffer alone, I am sharing:

*Now playing in Pittsburgh – “The Vagina Monologues” & “Menopause: The Musical” No wonder the guys started up their own blog, which reminds me, shouldn’t we be circling the wagons or something ladies?

*New beat cop in the Strip – Officer Elvis, he’s Bosnian & speaks 6 languages (in today’s Trib).

David Sunseri’s, (owner of Penn Mac), remarks in the above article are extra-specially pinging around upstairs.

Quoth the Sunseri, the Strip “has three distinct personalities”. I say don’t we all?

And: “…having Elvis here is fantastic because he can be embedded in the community.” Embedded? Puts me in mind of good times alright.

*Also in today’s Trib, woman beats older sister with older sister’s fake leg…

It happened last Weds., in the wee hours, at Lincoln Trailer Park in North Huntingdon. Donna, 41 took 43 yr. old Sherrie Lynn’s prosthetic leg & proceeded to recklessly endanger her…

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