Thursday, December 4, 2008

11/5/08 - so what have we learned today?

That State Rep. Chelsa Wagner's NOT running for mayor.

That a Pgh. policewoman, (last name Robinson), IS running for mayor. This bit was just reported on KDKA radio.

Ought to be interesting...


  1. Anyone got a full name on her yet?

  2. I will go above & beyond the call of duty & listen AGAIN to KD radio, to see if they're talking about it this a.m.

  3. Carmen Robinson, 40, of the Hill District. It's in today's Trib. Interesting history.

  4. I was dismayed that Chelsa's statement referenced her South Hills constituents with only a very small mention of her "Northside" connection at the very end. How could she possibly consider running for Mayor without coming to ANYTHING in her Northside neighborhood since her election? At least, nothing that I can verify with local leaders and residents. Sad.