Tuesday, December 2, 2008

# of female state legislators is up

O.K., this might only be of interest to me, regardless I'm passing along tidbits from an email sent by the White House Project. Hope springs eternal...

From: The Colorado Independent - 11/17/08

"(In 2008) The number of women running for state legislative seats ... 2,328 sought office, up from the previous high of 2,302 in 1992. In 2006, even more women ran for state legislator, but more seats are up for election nationwide in non-presidential years...

"... 2008 was a record, and it managed to get us from 23.7 percent of women serving in state legislatures to 24.2 percent,” Debbie Walsh, director of the Rutgers Center for American Women and Politics...

Colorado tops percentage of women state legislators as gains inch forward...the highest percentage of women serving as state legislators this year, barely edging out Vermont and New Hampshire...

...38 percent of Colorado’s lawmakers are women, ahead of Vermont’s 37.8 percent and New Hampshire’s 37.7 percent. In only one chamber in the nation — the New Hampshire state Senate — do women hold a majority of seats...

...Women made slight gains in the U.S. Congress, netting a Senate seat and three House seats, for an identical 17 percent membership in each chamber... the U.S. is 71st in the world for its percentage of women in the lower House...


  1. Interesting. The Women's Law Project also blogged about that issue here. It's great that women's representation is increasing all across the US!

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