Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Aren't equal rIghts for everybody?

In January '09 we have 2 opportunities to demonstrate our support of equal rights for all, and, yes, that includes the glbt community. And by "we", I mean my fellow heteros, not just lgbt folks.

Harvey Milk was right, gays & lesbians should make their voices heard - LOUDER people.

Straights need open their yaps on these issues also - again, LOUDER people.

Here's how we can do it:

Jan. 10 - from 2 - 4
Schenley Quad near the libraries
Rallies will be held nationwide on this day to bring attention to DOMA, locally we need to put the high beams on our County Council, they need to include everyone in their ordinance prohibiting discrimination in Employment, Housing and Public Accommodations.

January 15 - at 5 p.m.
Gold Room, 4th Floor County Court House, 436 Grant St.
County Council Hearing, re above mentioned ordinance. Predictably, opposition to glbt inclusion is bringing pressure to bear on County Council members.

If you'd like to speak at the hearing contact John Mascio, Chief Clerk, or 350-6495, no later than 24 hours prior to the hearing.


  1. i'm always adding my middle aged straight white gramma voice.

    as i wrote over at 2pj, don't know if it helps but i'll bet it pisses some bigots off.

  2. Sherry I think people are sick of hearing my middle aged straight white mouth go off about everything, but what else is there to live for?

    LOUDER people, LOUDER

  3. true, true, but we older ladies are overlooked a lot.

    maybe in the new year i'll get a little bolder! ; )

  4. I'm working on becoming the crazy old lady on my block, but I'll need to get lots more cats to become the crazy old cat lady on the block.


  5. i have 2 cats and a little chubby puggle.

    most people that know me know i'm a bit odd, well, more than a bit but i try to be nice so it all evens out i guess.