Thursday, December 11, 2008

Run, Baby, Run

I know that some of you are already on the Run, Baby, Run yahoo group, but I thought I'd put an invite out there to people who are interested in local politics, specifically in women, young people, minorities running for office.

I try to keep it on as even a keel as possible, but as it is non partisan, around election time some tempers may flare (not mine, of course).

It's a place to ask questions, give updates on how campaigns are going, etc. Healthy debate is welcome - snide, rude b.s. isn't.

Men & women are welcome to join.

I believe you'll be directed to the group on Google using this address

There's a spot on the site where you can sign up for membership. These requests come to me & I've approved all of them, except for Sarah Palin & John Edwards...(just joking, he never asked to join, neither did La Palin).

Ciao, the ballot box beckons,

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