Thursday, January 29, 2009

Can we get Lynn Cullen back on the air again?

My friend Gina sent this email:

Chuck McDermott, is spearheading a campaign to get Lynn Cullen back on the radio.

Please contact Chuck, (not me, I know nothing!), if you have ideas or can help

It seems that WAMO is interested but may need a little encouragement.

Here's the summary of Chuck's email:

Date: Monday, January 26, 2009, 9:46 AM
lynn cullen's latest show was canceled because the station, wptt 1360, went to an all business, all the time format... it was reported that lynn's show was the station's only money maker

lynn has informed us that many fans have emailed KDKA radio asking them to put her on the air they're falling on deaf ears.

WAMO is very interested in giving her a regular time slot if her former advertisers commit to buying time on wamo. she said that this process is at least a month off.

it seems an opportune time to conduct a communication campaign with wamo to give the station a bit of a nudge. we should employ all forms of communications, ie. telephone, email, postal mail, etc. with the basic message--we have heard lynn is being considered and we want her on wamo.


  1. just let me know who to e-mail. i miss her and the show. i rarely turn on the radio anymore.

  2. Really? I've seen some of her live work since she's been off the air (at The Cabaret Theater), and she's become quite the moderate. Ask her about gay marriage... She doesn't agree with it. Ask her what she calls Rachel Maddow... A dyke.

    I think we need some women in local radio who speak for all people not just pseudo-liberal, Point Breeze senior citizens!!!!

    Don't you people ever want anything NEW on the radio?

  3. Yeah. "You People". Lynn Cullen Junkies! You worship her despite the fact that she hasn't been relevant in over a decade!

    This city needs "CHANGE". Lynn is more of the same...

  4. i don't
    "worship" lynn or anyone else for that matter. i enjoyed her show. i didn't always agree with her but then again, i'm no "dittohead"

    and what sort of change are you thinking of?

    i'd love to hear some of your ideas. truly. no snark. what do you consider change for this area?

  5. i am looking for something fresh.

    lynn cullen is stale.

    there is so much talent in our little city.

    it's time to find the next Lynn Cullen.

    That's all I'm saying...

    (no snark here either...btw.)

    good debating with you...

  6. Anonymous,

    I wasn't at the Cabaret, so I don't know if your statement is factual, nor do I know the circumstances under which she uttered them. ("she's become quite the moderate...")

    I am not "you people" regardless of which people you're referring to. FYI using "you people" is no way to get people sympathetic to your point of view.

    I enjoy listening to Lynn Cullen, Bev Smith, Chris Moore and John McIntire, because I appreciate their perspective on local politics. I occasionally listen to some of KDKA's talk hosts to keep up with what people who don't think like I do are saying.

    I agree that this city needs change. And it desperately needs more voices and it's time to find the next voices on talk radio - and we need to look for these heirs, especially FEMALE heirs, in the African American community, the gay community and young voices too.

    Because Lynn's a known quantity I support her getting back on the air, as opposed to another Rush-wannabe.

    If you have concrete ideas on how to foster new talent let us know of them & of your concrete plans to make them a reality. You might find a few people willing to help work on them.

    On the other hand, if your comments are just that, comments/opinion, well, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

    Keep in mind, however, that many of the women who blog on this site have done heavy lifting on a myriad of issues. Most of their work is behind the scenes, unpaid & unsung. Your post rankled...

  7. if you're going to put your work in the public eye then prepare to be "rankled", ladies.

    unpaid and unsung,


    p.s. thanks for allowing me to share my opinions in your public comment section. you are so kind.

  8. I don't agree with Lynn on 100% of her positions, but I definitely think the airwaves would be more fair and balanced with her experience, insight and willingness to tackle challenging topics. WAMO is an interesting choice. I know I would listen.

    Cultivating new voices is exactly what this blog is supposed to do. New social media is the future and amplifying what women from various perspectives have to say is a way we contribute (and do some heavy lifting).

  9. i listen to different points of view. it's o.k. but ,"you people" is usually meant or said as a put down. that wasn't getting off on the right note.

    do you know of anyone qualified or willing to do the job lynn does?

  10. Sherry,

    I guess we'd have to look to the Internet to see examples of independent work that showcase someone's potential to be a fresh voice in terms of progressive politics. I'm not aware of any podcasts or vlogs along those lines, at least not broad enough to transpate into a general radio show. There is some social commentary going on along the lines of a more entertainment tilt (comedy, sketch troupes, etc), but that's not broad enough either.

    If we are lacking a next Lynn Cullen, it is not for lack of opportunity to develop a product and get it out to listeners via the web.

    I'd personally think Maria was one of the best substitute hosts for Lynn Cullen because of her breadth of political knowledge on a local and national scale and her innate sense of what connects with listeners, not just what she wants to bring to the table. Does that mean Maria should be the next Lynn Cullen? Who knows, but it should be interesting if The Society evolved enough to explore that option.

  11. i think maria would do very well.

  12. Our Democratic Women of Westmoreland (WAOW) is honored to have Lynn come to our event on this Sunday, March 22 -- We are having a Celebrating Democratic Women for Women's History Month -- Everyone is invited -- just let me know how many -- so we have a count -- The Celebration benefits the PA Fed. of Dem. Women Scholarship Fund -- Come and say hello to Lynn and help worthy college women. email: