Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tonight, tonight

Baby, I know it's cold outside. It's also cold in the hearts & minds of some of our elected officials, they don't believe that equal rights are for everybody.

Whether you're glbt or hetero or whatever, if you're HUMAN, please attend tonight's Public Hearing on inclusion of the glbt community in County's non discrimination ordinance.

County Council Public Hearing
TONIGHT, Thursday, January 15 - at 5 p.m.
Gold Room, 4th Floor County Court House, 436 Grant St.

While it's too late to register to speak, a large attendance of allies will go a long way in 'speaking' to our elected officials.

If you can't attend, please contact them soon:

Our hero, sponsor of the legislation:
Amanda Green District 13 350-6585
Rich Fitzgerald, Pres. District 11 350-6575
John DeFazio At-Large 350-6516
Chuck McCullough At-Large 350-6520
*Matt Drozd District 1 350-6525
Jan Rea District 2 350-6530
James Burn, Jr. District 3 350-6535
*Michael Finnerty District 4 350-6540
Vince Gastgeb District 5 350-6545
Joan Cleary District 6 350-6550
Nicholas Futules District 7 350-6555
Charles Martoni, VP District 8 350-6560
*Robert J. Macey District 9 350-6565
William Robinson District 10 350-6570
*James Ellenbogen District 12 350-6580

* County Council Members who withdrew support to include GLBT rights protection in Cty. ordinance

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