Friday, January 16, 2009

Sending Letters to the Editor

There's been discussion/displeasure with the article the P-G did on County Council's public hearing last night. Perhaps a few letters to the editors of papers that have covered this story are in order.

Keep letters to the editor brief, sane & personalize/referencing an article in the publication. Send them via email, it's easier for paper's staff to use, include your name/phone/email/address.

Articles on last night's County Council Hearing:

1. Post-Gazette
"Discrimination bill draws large crowd" by Karamagi Rujumba
Email letters to the editor:

2. Tribune Review
"Council hears debate on anti-discrimination bill" by Tim Puko
Email letters to the editor:

3. Pittsburgh City Paper
They've done several fair & thoughtful articles on this issue.
Email letters to the editor:

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