Friday, January 30, 2009

Lynn Cullen Facebook

I set up a group on Facebook to share the WAMO contact information and see how many people will sign up. A long, long time ago, I tried to get a petition going to bring another former radio talk host back on the air and learned that it really does boil down to advertisers. So while joining a group and sending an email is important, talking with the people you know who advertised on Lynn's former show is the way to go. If you know someone at Castle Windows, call them up.

What will be helpful in that regard is if you can say XXX amount of people signed up in support of Lynn.

Here's the link

My $.02 --- diversifying Pittsburgh's airwaves is a good thing. Making way for new voices isn't going to bring in a group of young fresh perspectives. That's going to happen online. Lynn is my ideal top choice to get back on the air because she's smart, liberal and engaging. She may not be 100% on all liberal issues, but who really is? I can't think of another talk show host that shares the same or more of my personal values. Besides, the important thing is she gets people thinking about my issues with good information and that's all I can ask.


  1. In addition to Castle Windows, A Pleasant Present was a Cullen advertiser, anyone remember other advertisers?

    It'd be helpful if we had a list so that customers of these businesses could ask them to let WAMO know they'd advertise on her show.

  2. that's funny. i never remember cullen having you as her official "lesbian correspondent"...

    i guess we only want talk show hosts who are also women...

    that's not sexist.

    at all.

  3. nope. i would like to see lynn back and johnny mac too. tho i would love to see him back on t.v. instead of radio.

  4. and i wrote many an e-mail and letter trying to get him back on radio or t.v.

    it's just that the post was about lynn c.

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Please read this:

    Thank you.

  6. Anonymous,

    I appreciate that I had a chance to be a correspondent and that it led me to a lot of other good opportunities. However, that was an air style decision made by John McIntire to talk about LGBT issues - it was his thing and it seemed to be effective (or he would have pulled the plug). Lynn covered LGBT issues equally well in a completely different manner. It is apples and oranges. If John needed a public show of support to land a new gig, I'm sure he'd be telling folks just like Lynn did. And I'm sure people would rally. I haven't heard anyone say that this slot is up in the air between Lynn and John. Are you aware of something we aren't?

    I've never been hesitant to say that I think Pittsburgh's airwaves needs more women's voices and that Pittsburgh's MSM needs more women's perspectives -- if you read my blog archives, you'd see that I had this very discussion with John himself along with Chris Potter of the City Paper (whose column I was criticizing at the time).

    Yes, if it came down to two equally talented talk show hosts with liberal perspectives, I would probably want the woman to get on the air. Call it sexism. I call it a reasonable response to a hundred years of corporate imposed male dominance of the air waves.

    However, that isn't the case in this particular situation. There is no information to suggest that any male, including John McIntire, is being considered for this slot. So accusing me of sexism isn't necessary.

    If you don't want to listen to Lynn, don't listen. Launch a campaign to bring whomever you like onto the air and come back with the details. You might be surprised that some of us women would get behind bringing a male voice onto the airwaves.

  7. As Sue said (& I said earlier) let us know if you're working on getting somebody new onto Pgh's airwaves. You may get someone to lend you a hand with your efforts.

    That said, I'm done responding to Anonymous on this topic. There are so many posts authored by Anonymous that it may be several different people. Communicating with a cypher is unsatisfying, not to mention boring. Stay classy kid.


  8. If John McIntire hadn't made Sue Kerr his Lesbian Correspondent, she would not have started a blog by that name. She would not have helped start this blog. I wouldn't be writing this comment.

    But I remember that John McIntire started the Lesbian Correspondent when he was filling in for Lynn Cullen. I listened to Lynn. I listened to John on KDKA when he was still a talk show host.

    Chicken. Egg. Chicken. Egg.

    The point is that we have an opportunity to get Lynn onto the air. John left talk radio and went into entertainment. Best of luck to him, but we are talking about talk radio now. If he wants to get back into it, we can start a petition for him.

    So, why is this an issue?

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