Friday, January 9, 2009

Rally Tomorrow for GLBT Equal Rights in Allegheny County

It's tomorrow, see you there.

Big kudos to Sue Kerr & Lance Friedman for all of their organizing & outreach efforts.


Pittsburgh, PA - A rally supporting inclusion of GLBT residents’ rights to Countywide nondiscrimination in housing, employment and other contexts in Bill No. 4201-08, now before Allegheny County Council. Last November's Join The Impact rally drew 500 people - let's use the active support generated to focus on local and national issues, (like DOMA's repeal).

Date: Saturday, January 10 Time: from 2 - 4 p.m.
Location: Schenley Plaza in Oakland, between the Carnegie Library and the Hillman Library.
Free hot coffee and warming tents will be provided


Several Council members have withdrawn their support of inclusion due to intense lobbying by ultra conservative groups from outside of Allegheny County, they are: Councilmen Drozd, Ellenbogen, Finnerty and Macey. Rally co-organizer Sue Kerr states, “We lost another co-sponsor, Councilman Bob Macey, (a former steelworker), from my hometown of West Mifflin. I could actually show Councilman Macey the dents in the lockers at West Mifflin High School where the gay kids were shoved on a regular basis. I could take him to my parent's living room and have a man with 40 years in the mills, many Republican votes and a regular attendance at Mass explain why his daughter's partner is part of the family.”

Event Emcee: Gab Bonesso

Event Speakers: Sponsor of the County’s ordinance, Councilwoman Amanda Green, State Representative Chelsa Wagner, (co-sponsor of HB 1400 which takes anti-discrimination protection to the state level), City Council President Doug Shields, City Councilmen Bruce Kraus and Bill Peduto and City Controller Michael Lamb.

Additional Speakers: Reverend Janet Edwards, Dana Elmendorf, political pundit John McIntire, Kris Rust, Reverend Deryck Tines, Sandra Telep, trans activist Miranda Vey and representatives from organizations including Steel City Stonewall Democrats.

Rally co-organizer Lance Friedman states, “I urge people to contact their County Council Members before coming to the rally. People can go to for their County Council Members’ contact information and talking points about the Ordinance.”

Attendees will also be encouraged to speak at/attend County Council’s public hearing on Thursday, January 15 at 5 p.m., in the County Building downtown. To speak at the hearing, contact John Mascio at or (412-350-6495).

Rally Sponsors: the after8pgh blog,, The Delta Foundation,, Marriage Equality USA -SW PA, Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, Pittsburgh PFLAG, Pittsburgh, Steel City Stonewall Democrats,

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  1. I must apologize for singling out Miranda Vey as a transactivist in this press release. This implies that Miranda has a very limited scope of activism, which simply isn't true. Otherwise, I should have labeled the other speakers as linked to a certain segment of the community which I clearly did not do. I am very sorry for the mistake. Miranda is a friend of mine and her contributions to the entire LGBTQ community are much appreciated. BTW, Miranda is founding a Pittsburgh chapter of Dykes on Bikes and was gracious enough to offer me a ride on her bike.