Saturday, January 24, 2009

Minimize 'em.

My friend was talking about how he approaches conversations about issues like pro-choice and gay rights with conservatives.

He doesn't get into a debate with them, instead he kinda grunts and says, "Well. I'm for limited government. The less I see of them, the better." This not only presents an apathetic view (although I know that he's not apathetic on these issues) but it minimizes their concerns while offering the same argument that many conservatives are always fighting. What conservative is going to say "I want more government"? If they do, he just says, "Well I really hate taxes, too."

I thought this was an interesting way to go at this. Tonight, a pro-life friend of mine started talking about pro-life stuff.

I calmly listened, said, "Well. You know, the economy's pretty bad right now. Most people don't really vote on that [the pro-life/pro-choice] issue. And frankly, I'm all for limited government."

She didn't really have much to say in response and the conversation ended.

She's welcome to her opinion and I respect her but it's not going to change my mind and I hate listening to her pro-life views. My point of view isn't going to change her mind, either, and I know this.

I was really relieved when this tactic worked and the conversation shifted.

Limited Government. Get outta my bedroom. I keep my guns in there.

I like this strategy.


-Agent Ska-

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