Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bust @ City Theatre is wonderful

I can't think of anything more poetic for a title.

Saturday evening, Ledcat and I went to see Lauren Weedman's Bust at City Theatre. It is a one woman show chronicling Weedman's experiences volunteering at the Los Angeles Women's Jail in contrast to her everyday experiences in LA.

Weedman is great. She plays a dozen different roles and in about five minutes flat, you are completely pulled into the characters. Irene is a favorite of mine. She inhabits these roles.

I forgot everything. The whiny older women who spent 10 minutes finding the right seat. The guy to my right who shifted uncomfortably at anything remotely sexual. The prison matron wanna be docents who kept us all waiting because someone forgot to look for their glasses during the 15 minutes she was standing in the breezeway chatting with Irma. The glares when we snagged the last two seats with no seats in front of them. Even my resolution not to move to the left or right no matter what.

All gone. All that I experienced was the three women being helped by the project and the one who was transformed by it. And Irene. Today I am inspired to contact the Merton Center to see what I can do.

The other thing I kept thinking was that Gab Bonesso should follow this trail. She inhabits characters in her stand up routines and I think she could do it here, too.

If you have the chance, go see this performance. It runs through June 29, 2008 at the City Theatre.

Preview Week Performance Schedule
Thurs. May 22 & Fri. May 23 at 8 pmSat. May 24 at 5:30 pm
Sun. May 25 & Tues. May 27 at 7 pm
Press/Opening Night is Wed., May 28 at 8 pm.
Regular Run ScheduleTuesdays at 7 pm
Wednesdays thru Fridays at 8 pm
Saturdays at 5:30 & 9 pm
Sundays at 2 pm
There will be 1 pm matinees on Wed., June 4 & June 11.
Has anyone caught this show? Thoughts? Comments? Reactions?

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