Sunday, May 11, 2008


I'm a mother. I have a 15-year-old daughter, and 14-year-old and 8-year old sons.

There's nothing inherently special about being able to reproduce.

And what's so special about being a mom? I'm just doing what I'm supposed to be doing. Caring for the people that I chose to bring into this world. I don't deserve recognition for that. It seems silly to "reward" me with a gift.

I could use this space to brag about them -- oh, and how I could (which is bragging, and so I've already made myself a hypocrite) -- but I'm not going to. Instead of putting effort into boasting of their achievements, I think it's important to teach them the practice of quiet grace. By practicing it myself.

Nobody's child is more special than another. No mother is more important than another. No person is more important than another.

On Mother's Day, I reflect more on my legacy.

What will I leave behind for my children? What will I leave behind for all the children?

And even if you don't have children -- they are your legacy, too. What will you leave behind for them?

And that concludes this Sunday morning bedroom dispatch.


  1. Every mother thinks her child is the smartest child that ever lived. Bragging to all who'll listen about how much smarter Johnny or Janie is compared to all other kids their age.
    As my mother used to say, "With all the genius kids out there, I wonder where all the stupid ass adults come from."
    I thank God my mother left me with a sense of humor. And she left this world touching many with that humor.
    Happy Mother's Day all.
    Go ahead and brag, it's your day, after all. (plus, it's your motherly duty)

  2. I will leave behind:
    The comfort of an orderly house.
    Flowers on a table set for supper.
    Appreciation of the arts.
    Praise for an earned success(small or great).
    Confidence in supressing pressure.
    Forgivness and patience.
    Respect for the "old Ones"
    Ability to find pleasure in Nature.
    A little toughness when needed.
    Letting go of things that cannot be changed.
    Absence of mockery.
    My scent.

  3. A little too Martha Stewart for me. But I'm down with the respect for elderly and forgiveness and patience stuff.

    Give up mockery? That I can't. I like to think of it more as loyal opposition.


  4. Okay, we will still use mockery. Instead of a nice table and flowers, lets just set the pan on the table and everyone can dig in, take the slop to their room, go on "My Space" and zone!.. fuck the kids learning anything about life from Mom's experience. They can learn it all from their friends. Some of them are telling about blow-jobs on the school bus and how they're gonna git the answers to the test from the kids that already took it. In the mean time, we'll sit here, blogging about the way the men see us as cunts. Yeah let's do that.