Thursday, May 22, 2008

Most Wanted

I've been thinking a lot lately about awareness in our communities.
I ponder the philosophy behind billboards dedicated to the memory of innocent victims in neighborhoods like Hazelwood and Garfield. I saw this article today about one of Allegheny County's most wanted fugitives having been arrested, and it got me thinking. What if everyone just knew what these people looked like? What if, when people who pose a threat to those around them went out in public, the public were informed? What if we were aware of which of our neighbors are on the sex-offender registry?

I recently had the opportunity to hear El Gray, program director for One Vision One Life, speak at an Allegheny UU service. This man spends his life intervening in our city's most violent and dangerous situations. And part of his message was that when we turn our heads and refuse to acknowledge the problems in our communities, we are all responsible for their being allowed to continue impacting and ending innocent lives.

I've decided simply to familiarize myself with a few resources and to engage in conversation. I encourage everyone to do the same.


  1. Hey! Is anyone concerned that the Mt. Lebo asst. Coach boozing and getting high with his Lacross teens hasn't any name? But gee, that stupid woman (and I agree she is not defendable)HS aid is on every station for doing the same thing.We know what she looks like, don't we? Oh, but she was giving out a little more. Is there a little Gender bias, or is it a political connection?
    I wanna know.

  2. I had a personal experience with One Vision, One Life that leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth, especially when there's a suggestion that people don't want to get involved. I *did* get involved, but OVOL ignored and lied to us. Worse, they ignored a young man who needed help. I'm still not sure if he wasn't "bad" enough for intervention or the situation just wasn't sexy enough for a close up at 11.

    I'm tired of the conversations and the speeches and the television appearances. Answer the phone, check your voice mail and follow through on your promises. Stop telling me to step up. I have a binder filled with all the stepping I did.