Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Pop Culture takes on Politics.

"Will. i. am will be honored with A Webby Artist of the Year Award in recognition of his contribution to the political landscape with his making of the Obama videos."

Which Obama videos?

"Yes we can" here .

"We are the ones" here.

-Agent Ska-

I'd like to believe but so far the country hasn't voted in anyone I wanted for president since I've been old enough to vote.

My mom was in a cab on the way back from the airport a week ago. The driver brought up the election and told her that if Obama won, he would make America into a white slave country.

That's the kind of statement that makes me think that maybe America can't support someone who's actually diverse. Why can't my America support someone like Obama? I'd like to believe, really. really, really. but I dunno.



  1. they can and i believe they will.

    there were a lot of people that swore up and down they'd NEVER vote for a catholic too.

    he won anyway.

  2. One person can't be diverse. Anyway, it was a good night last night, and Obama is running against a far better candidate now than the one he'll have to face in November. We got this.

  3. Clinton has the experience. I don't agree with all of her ideals, but I agree with Obama less.
    It's unfortunate that the Primary is based on race and sex.

    Bummer they aren't on the same ticket!