Monday, May 12, 2008

I know, I know

We haven't even elected a President and already I'm talking about next year's race for Pittsburgh's Mayor. (There is no cure for my disease.)

Well, I'm not the only one talking and so far, everyone that's flapped their gums at me about the race is pretty much just mentioning male candidates.

I figure as long as wild, unfounded commentary & opinion is feeding the rumor mill, why shouldn't we take part?

Is there a woman YOU think should run for Mayor? If so, briefly tell us who & why.

Should we care if there are only male candidates running?

Would you just love it if a woman not only runs for Mayor, but throws her hat, a la Mary Tyler Moore, into the proverbial ring?

Should the female candidate(s) already hold office, work in government? Or should they be from another sector: business, non profit, medicine, law, the media or the arts?


  1. Stop teasing us. Where do I send the check?

  2. it shouldn't matter as much what they do for a living than the ethics and personality they have to deal with the position. that should go for any person running but if we are honest with ourselves, we know it will be far more of an issue because of being a female, or anyone who doesn't fit the norm of rich-white-hetrosexual male.
    we can see that was and is the case for those who aren't RWHTM's.

    so, we might as well take that as a given and move forward anyway just as we have for decades now and for pity's sake, DON'T let the RWHTM's divide us. that's how they've stayed in control of most areas of daily life.

    better to find like minded people and join together, no matter the postion, lawyer, doctor or crossing guard. then find the money and the people that can make it happen and try to make it happen.

    unfair to work from a position not as strong but that just makes all of us better when someone does make it.

    my ramble.

  3. I always thought Val McDonald would have made one helluva mayor.

  4. Ms. Mon,

    Val no longer lives within the city limits.

  5. i always thought so too. perhaps she could move back at some time.

  6. i always thought so too. perhaps she could move back at some time.

  7. i always thought so too. perhaps she could move back at some time.

  8. Part of the residency requirement includes how long you have to live in a place before running for office.

    Val may still be within that time period, but it's running out fast.

  9. maybe someone will approach her with the thought. tell her she has people who admire her and would support her.

  10. That's why I always *thought* and don't *think* she *would have* made one helluva mayor. :-)

    Though I'm certainly not one for pre*tenses* ...

  11. I wouldn't be thrilled if someone moved into the City to become the first female mayor. If you left, you left.

    I can't think of anyone else. Sigh.

  12. Fresh from 414 Grant Street: B.J. Leber.

    You wanted a name, and if you're a fan of political theater, that's a good one.

  13. Actually Sue, we already had a female mayor.
    Good Ol' Sophie. She took over after Mayor Caliguri passed away and was even elected to a second term.
    She was the first to propose a baseball only stadium and was practically laughed out of town.

  14. To address Sue's point -- and, at the risk of stirring things up (in a good-natured way, naturally ...), it's a big part of why I can't go for Hillary. She moved to New York to become a senator.

    I'm so provincial that way. ;)

    I have to go with Barack, because at least his crowd seems somewhat inspired. Until, of course, as all presidents do, he eventually disillusions us. But that's why I keep voting -- in the hopes that I live to see the day that I can reconcile the politician with the person and still believe in ... something.

  15. Gulp. I meant next female mayor. Sigh.

    Do you think iJustine might be interested in running for Mayor?

  16. Eventually disillusions us? So sayeth the heterosexuals. And the Christians. What about the rest of us poor disillusioned fools?

  17. pittsburgh is in the heart and mind.
    i know friends and relatives that haven't been in the city proper for years but they still concider themselves pittsburghers even if they live in fla. or jersey or calif. or 1 that i know in hawaii.

    you never really leave pittsburgh.

    now, moving to somewhere like clinton did JUST to run is a different story altogether.

    i love sophie. wish she was mayor.
    we'd have a good person and fun too.

  18. What about Chelsa Wagner?

  19. Well, I don't think I'm old enough. So I'm going to vote for Georgia Berner.

  20. I second the suggestion for Chelsa Wagner.

  21. I've always wanted Esther Bush to run for Mayor or Congress.

  22. Touché, Sue.

    Politics is all about sleight of hand -- and never showing one's.

  23. Well, I am late to join the discussion, but Bram already mentioned my choice - and I've already tried to talk her into running - B.J. Leber.

    So, B.J., if you're listening, you already have two votes.

    However, I choose her not because she is a woman, but because of her attitude: she is her own person.

    I also agree that it may not always make sense to look at chromosomal makeup when selecting political candidates - on the presumption that maybe we have come far enough - especially since we have already had the best in Sophie Masloff.

  24. A brief recap, from 26 comments, come 7 suggestions:

    City Residents:
    Heather Arnet
    Esther Bush
    B.J. Leber
    Chelsa Wagner

    Georgia Berner
    Valerie McDonald

    I'd like to bring the number up to 10:

    Carol Brown
    Hilda Fu
    Celeste Taylor

    Could we get the list up to 20?

  25. Okay, I'm going to volunteer to be the villain.

    With our current less-than-totally-desirable mayor appearing vulnerable right now IF AND ONLY IF the progressives manage to unite behind a strong candidate, isn't it dangerous to make a statement for gender equality this year by running a female candidate that is less than viable, yet who would surely siphon votes from said progressive?

    I'd rather see you wage this battle for County Exec the following year. We don't want the first female mayoral candidate in many years to be remembered as Ralph Nader.