Monday, May 5, 2008

Dreams from my Father

My dad came to Italy to take some time off work and help me move all of my stuff back to the states. I didn't think I'd bought all that many clothes, until I started packing...

My dad bought Obama's book, Dreams from My Father, for the airplane. I have now hijacked the book and it's really good. I mean, honestly, I was close to tears.

It took me back to when I used to go to political events on rainy evenings. My friends asked me why I had to go if I wasn't getting paid. They just couldn't understand the importance of going. I finally started saying that I was getting paid, even though I still wasn't.

One of my regular meetings was the League of Young Voters. Somehow most of them were on rainy and slightly cold wednesday nights. Or at least, that's how it appears in my brain. Of course, the statistical probability is quite good seeing as it's Pittsburgh. Back to the main point.

There was this one night where it was raining and cold. These women came in to talk about how kids in the public schools in Pgh could go from being reprimanded and/or punished to quickly going into the Juvenile Delinquent system.

That's the type of meeting Obama talks about in this book. Getting a small group of people together in a local area to talk about local things.

I've named Obama "The Rainy Wednesday Night Guy".

Sidenote: In all fairness, I attempted to find Hillary's book in English but was unsuccesful.

It's quite a book. The idea that this guy is running for President makes me happy.


Agent Ska


  1. I remember that meeting! We have certainly come a long way. It is amazing what a few committed individuals can do just by getting the ball rolling.