Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Top Five Pgh Political Issues

Like most political junkies in this town, I keep tabs on the Burgh Report. I noticed some comments about police brutality and cab services. A bit random, but it got me to thinking. These are issues I've heard a lot about recently when I've been speaking with people around this here town.

I think it's time for a "Top Five Pittsburgh Political Issues that I Care About".

1. Education
2. Public Transportation..and yes, now that I think about it, having a good cab service would be really nice, too.
3. Employment
4. Come to think of it now, police problems. Mostly, though, I know very little about the Citizens Police Review Board. How do they function? How are people appointed to this board?
5. Environmental decisions

...and you? I wonder what other people see as top issues?

-Agent Ska-


  1. transportation and education are biggies. safety is another. i'd love to see beat cops again. i think that really helps. they get to know the people and the people get to know them, one on one.

  2. Not from the cty, but love to spend money there and introduce my kids to the great cultural lessons Pttsburgh has to offer.
    What I view as a great issue is getting some smart talk-show hosts on the radio who value and promote the Greatness that is there. Too much dirty laundry overwhelms the nice whit shirts.

  3. I would say that number 4 should be reframed as Public Safety. You can read up on the CPRB on their webpage on the City site or their MySpace page.