Saturday, May 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary to The Society!

Hey ho! It was exactly one year ago today that our first post hit the blog. It took another five days to get a "real" content oriented posting, but a slow start is still a start.

In 365 days, we have grown to 36 female bloggers. That really exceeds my expectations. In fact, the entire project has evolved in a different direction from my expectations and I am quite pleased about that fact. The blog is our community, not a reflection of what happens between us during face to face meetings. We*are*creating a real presence in the blogosphere (or Burghosphere if you will) for women's voices.

Hurrah for us! And hurrah for frequent commenters -- Bram comes to mind -- who illustrate that there are people listening to our voices.

So Happy Birthday Pittsburgh Women's Blogging Society. Long may we write!


  1. wow, 1 year already?

    i think it's a great place to be.

  2. Much appreciated. Congrats on your first year. If you ever throw down with the Men's Society, I'll have to ... I'll have to check that out.

  3. Oh yes, you have listeners. Not just Pittsburgh women, or men. Love this site.

    Want something beautiful and help your Native American sisters? I got-em I walk in beauty and sleep well.

  5. Come on, let's clink glasses & toast our anniversary.

    I'm having a rum & coke, what's that you're drinking?

  6. I'm takng my boys to the river this week-end. Jack D. and Jeramiah Weed. We'll toast the occasion...the three of us are going down, but only one of us is coming back. Cheers!

  7. Well Bram, too bad you wern't with us, but let me tell ya! I'm the one that returned from the river, alone, but having spent a sun-filled week-end of thoughtfulness and hilarity, and then, right here in my back yard, was the most wonderful party going on. My son and friends had just returned from the Gay Pride Picnic in town, and they were showing me pics of new frends, some were women, many men, but such JOY! Thanks to Pittsburghs strong supporters, my son and his friends experienced a society that KNEW who THEY ARE- just people! thanks, Pittsburgh.