Thursday, September 13, 2007

11 am - Mayor's Press Conference

He says it'll be on "the status of city government operations". I heard this on KDKA am radio & on WDUQ fm, neither mentioned whether they'll carry the press conf. live.

There's been alot of heat on the mayor this week, as the 90 day deadline for replacing acting directors is past. If you'll remember, 3 months ago he asked all dept. heads to resign & invited them to re-apply for their jobs, he also said he'd be conducting a nationwide search for replacements... Huh?

Acting City Solictor, Specter, has been "acting" waaaay past his 90 day deadline.

In light of Monday's Post Agenda mtg., wonder if the mayor will discuss planned changes to police dept. policy? Maybe there's an "acting" something or other, just waiting in the wings out there, to make necessary corrections to the PD's personnel policy.

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