Tuesday, September 25, 2007

underwhelming: Police Dept./Domestic Violence ordinance

I am, again, underwhelmed by our city's government. I sent the following to Rich Lord

One of the most important duties of local government is to insure the safety of residents in their homes and neighborhoods. There is no crime more heinous than being attacked in one’s own home by a spouse/partner who is employed by the Police Department. What a betrayal of the “Protect and Serve” motto.

The recent Post Agenda meeting held in Council Chambers was sparked by the June police promotions. Now an ordinance, described as the first phase of proposed change has been presented to Council.

Unbelievable as it may sound, the ordinance doesn’t address how or if dv allegations would affect promotions. Inexplicably that will be unveiled at some future date.

The International Assn. of Chiefs of Police’s 9 page policy is being successfully implemented by PDs both big & small across this nation. It is not some useless document created by pointy headed professors in ivory towers. What is the hold up with Pittsburgh?

The ordinance will make federal law, which prohibits officers convicted of dv crimes from possessing guns, a “city policy”.

Excuse me, but doesn't U. S. federal law have to be obeyed, where applicable, by U.S. cities? Why the redundant "making it city policy"? How about they just follow the Federal LAW?

The ordinance assures us that the Police Bureau’s brass will “strongly consider” not hiring people with abusive/violent tendencies.

Wow, that’s really reassuring. Are they kidding? Any city department faced with a potential hire who has "tendencies" indicative of abusive behavior should not hire that person, period. And that
goes double for a dept. whose staff carries firearms.

I am part of the volunteer group working towards much needed change in our Police Department.

As such I want to see the PD correct itself not only on behalf of the victims of abusive officers, but also on behalf of the HUNDREDS of good officers in our PD. In my opinion we do not thank good officers enough, nor do we pay them anywhere near enough.

For their own, (understandable), reasons both victims and good cops do not/cannot speak out..

I am ever-grateful to good officers and cringe when I think of what a kick to the gut the 3 promotions in question must have been to them. I cannot fathom why so many good officers were jumped over for the promotions of the three.

As a citizen I am doing what I can to keep the light on the city & PD's leadership's lack of resolve to do the right thing. Why should all be tarnished by the criminal behavior of a few and the lack of leadership at the top?

Gloria Forouzan

Pittsburgh Resident

Run, Baby, Run founder


  1. you go girl!!!!!!!!... where is she going?

  2. "...The International Assn. of Chiefs of Police’s 9 page policy is being successfully implemented by PDs both big & small across this nation..."

    I can't find any. Can you help me by dropping a couple of names? I'd like to see how they are doing with the policy.

    I'd like to see chief's have to adopt the model policy for their departments before they can be a member of the IACP.

    That would be hot.

    Doug Shields must be doing something right:

    Police union boss disputes domestic violence measure
    By Jonathan D. Silver, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Thursday, September 27, 2007
    Pittsburgh's police union charged yesterday that a proposed ordinance to address officer-involved domestic violence amounts to "police bashing" and "overkill"... He claimed the ordinance would leave officers "terrified" to argue with a spouse... and accused Mr. Shields of buckling under pressure exerted by women's groups... Mr. Shields denied he was caving in to any interest group and said police departments across the country are revamping their policies on officer-involved domestic violence. Mr. Shields noted that provisions in his ordinance come straight from a model policy crafted by the International Association of Chiefs of Police... "We don't have that kind of problem here," Mr. Malloy said...


    yet true.