Saturday, September 8, 2007

ENDA goes to subcommittee

I was going to post something about Larry Craig, but I'm bored with him now.

However, ENDA going through the system is more interesting news. Especially that in now contains language targeting gender identity thanks to the work of the Task Force and other activists.

Witnesses show support for Employment Non-Discrimination Act
Associated Press
Thursday Sep 6, 2007
"Witnesses told the House Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions today that Congress must act to prohibit employers from discriminating against their employees based on sexual orientation or gender identity."

Task Force, Inc., applauds House committee hearing on transgender-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act

September 05, 2007

The Task Force, Inc., was the first national organization to advocate for federal nondiscrimination protections when it worked with then-U.S. Reps. Bella Abzug and Ed Koch, both New York Democrats, to introduce a sweeping bill in 1974. The Task Force, Inc., has also played a leading role in ensuring ENDA is explicitly inclusive of transgender people. Eight years ago, the Task Force, Inc., vowed to oppose the legislation if it were not inclusive, prompting criticism from some community members and allies who felt the Task Force, Inc., was hindering ENDA’s progress. The Task Force, Inc., has remained steadfast and partnered with transgender activists and organizations to defend and secure a transgender-inclusive ENDA and has strongly encouraged lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender colleague organizations to do the same.

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