Monday, September 10, 2007

Let's Pack Council Chambers today

Council Meeting on Police/Domestic Violence

Whether you can drop in for 1/2 hr. or the entire Post Agenda meeting, please try to attend & email this to your contacts. We all know that our elected officials respond better when they see that many concerned voters are present.

Monday, Sept. 10
1:30 p.m.
City County Bldg., 414 Grant St., 5th floor.

Thank you, Gloria


  1. i'm checking in. couldn't go but i'm on the blog here waiting to read anything that happens.

  2. just saw the channel 2 coverage.
    yeah," looking forward" "best for all" . "legislation offered up in 4 to 6 weeks"

    in 4 to 6 weeks the short attention span media will have moved on.

    we'll see i suppose.

    hope someone will post for the perspective of someone that was actually there.

  3. I just got back, it was a 4 hr. session. Thanks to those who came, the room was packed for about the first 1 1/2 hrs before many had to leave.

    In my opinion the agenda was way laid from its original intent of addressing the issue of the police promotions. It somehow became an awareness raising session on domestic violence.

    It wasn't til the last hour or so that we got into what our PD is doing & plans to do. By then everyone who was still left was drained & this was a real shame.

    That said, I suppose it's good that it was held, some cogent points were made about changes we need to see, but there was little "meat" on those bones. I can't help but feel, after all that work, we missed what could've been a greater opportunity.

    As for the media's attention span, well they certainly were there in force today and this is 2+ months after the Public Hearing.

    I ask you all to write letters to the editors & keep this story alive. I plan to continue monitoring any progress towards reform within the PD & will relay this info as I get it. If you hear of news, please let us know.

  4. I was only able to attend for the final 90 min or so. I must say I was surprised by the number of women -- mostly women -- who left en mass, just before police department officials were permitted to retort. It seemed like the exchanges between Jim O'Malley and Bill Peduto for example would have been the best part!

  5. So Luke watched it on TV from his office?

    And ... why?

  6. there's an article about the meeting in today's post gazette.

  7. Present, for the first part. Watched most of what I could not see in person on tape-delay as well.

    It was a huge meeting. Most presentations are not as organized. (or hi-jacked so well, given Gloria's comments above) Folks must have thought it through this time. They had the extra delay to really get the ducks in a row. Good for city council for going into overload mode.

    I still think that hearing like those should include public comment opportunities. Perhaps it is best to not do the public comment then and there -- but -- there is plenty of wisdom to be shared from the public, IMHO.