Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Women Voters in the 2004 Election

I took out the book, "If They Only Listened To Us: What Women Voters Wants Politicians to Hear", today at the library. So far it is an interesting read. I thought perhaps someone else may have already read this. If you have, what were your thoughts?


  1. Ska,

    What was it that women voters wanted 'them' to hear? Was the women's priority different from that of men - to end the war?

    Yesterday someone told me they believe we'll be invading Iran by next month. We've really got to get some of these Democrats some hearing aids, or get them the hell out of office.

  2. Patience my child....I haven't gotten there yet.

    Although there is a large section about the fact that women don't feel represented by either party...

    and a lot about the pro-choice/pro-life discussion.