Monday, September 17, 2007

Blogged to Death - Women?

h/t to PghComet

Off The Record VII: Blogged to Death
Presented by: Trust Guest Attraction
Venue: Byham Theater
Thursday, September 27, 2007, 8:00 PM
Tickets: $60, $40, $20

Journalists and performers satirize Pittsburgh news and newsmakers in comedy and song, with rebuttals from some satirized, to raise funds for Greater Pittsburgh Community Food bank.

I'm curious as to whom the "some satirized" refers ... surely, they are including at least one female blogging voice in rebuttal ... right? Maria? Agent Ska? Ms. Mon? PittGirl? Right?



  1. It's not clear that ANY bloggers are rebutting anything, or participating on any level, so far as I can tell. The "rebuttals" may just be electeds.

  2. I wonder if that's meant to be ironic since we tend to discuss MSM stories (and the reporters who produce them) amongst ourselves with little opportunity to engage the actual reporter.

    If they did have bloggers participate, I think it would be amusing to watch us claw our way to the top to get to be "the one" to play ball with the MSM ... and don't tell me it wouldn't happen. :-)

  3. I've gone to a few of these things. Generally, the "rebuttal" is a chance for the elected officials to respond to the jokes made at their expense. I think the idea is to prove that they have a sense of humor about themselves -- you know, in a White House Correspondent's Dinner kind of way. (You could tell this was a challenge for Tom Murphy: He handled it by making a joke out of the fact that he doesn't have a sense of humor. It worked okay.)

    I'm just guessing here, but other than some run-of-the-mill stereotyping, I think blogging will supply the show with a premise, rather than a target. I'm almost certain no individual bloggers will be named. After all, no offense to the blogosphere, but a lot of people in that room won't get jokes about the time Dayvoe and the Admiral mixed it up over the sexual peccadilloes of College Republicans. It would make as much sense to base a floor show on my columns. (Which admittedly do have the advantage of frequently satirizing themselves ...)

    -- chris potter

  4. My guesses are Chris's guesses, but I wonder whether the "run-of-the-mill stereotyping" will be a richly deserved sideshow, or the omnipresent motif.

    In other words, I'm suspicious (as always) that the "theme" will give the media and the politicians enough common ground to spend the evening smugly stroking one another.

  5. i think chris is right.

    i wonder if this means that blogging is becoming more of a force or just that people are used to the whole concept of blogging or is it a way to try to mainstream blogging to try to make it bloated and self satisfied and sort of an old boy, thus familiar andineffectual thing because the blogging comunity is a little to uncontrolled for mainstram comfort?

    sort of inviting bloggers to be leass edgy to want to fit in.become "establishment"

  6. Who would star in the floor show known as "The Man Called Potter?"

  7. He so steals my ideas. How did he know I was planning a Vaudeville-style act based on my letters to my best friend in fifth grade?

    Potter is correct in his take on the show -- I was going to post something similar earlier, but didn't have the chance.

    To explain it another way, he "blogging" will serve more as a plot device, not be the plot itself (and I'm using the term "plot" loosely here, just for the sake of example). We are just the red herrings here.

    I wouldn't overthink this one too much. They just needed to write a timely -- as Ralphie's teacher in *A Christmas Story* would say -- "theme."

    Though, it would be funny if some bloggers were to make their presence known after the event. Then we'd see who really has a good sense of humor or not ... but you didn't hear that from me.

  8. I meant "the 'blogging,'" not "he 'blogging.'"

  9. P.S. Bram -- you should know politicians don't need a "theme" to stroke one another.

    If we could only harnass the energy from political stroking alone, well, we probably wouldn't need fossil fuels.


  10. Ohmygod. Did I write "harnASS?" I need more coffee. I meant "harness" of course. What the hell was I thinking about?

    (Wait, don't answer that.)

  11. Ms. Mon,

    I prefer harnASS. Good one.

    How will they kit out the actors who play bloggers? What will the set look like?

    I think the set will look like it is the blogger's Mom's basement. The blogger her/himself will be wearing something from Star Trek - dirty, spotted t-shirt maybe? The blogger will be wearing glasses, probably held together with duct tape.

    The blogger may be surrounded by piled up newspaper clippings, broadsides, chap books, mimeoed newsletters, flyers, political buttons, etc.

    There will be a cat, especially if the blogger is female.

    There will be empty wrappers from various frozen foods. And paper cups.

    Your turn miladies of the blogging world. HarnASS your creative energies.

  12. I'm really hoping they put the blogger in a blue and green bathrobe.

  13. You and that damn bathrobe.