Friday, November 9, 2007

Coffee Houses?

I am searching for a list of coffee houses. I'm trying something a bit innovative (one hopes) by taking my foster parent recruitment on the road in 2008 (The CoffeeHouse Tour). I'd like to tap into the community aspect and use it as a vehicle to educate the public about foster care - to tap into the need for the community to embrace children in the foster care system, be it as foster parents or in some other way.

A classic example was my asking some friends to contribute $3.00 to help us send a really amazing set of foster parents out for dinner. They have a lot of children in their care and do a great - no, make that amazing - job, so we were able to arrange for childcare and a nice dinner. (Childcare for foster care is a bit more complicated than asking your neighbor's teen to watch the children for a few hours.) I asked the babysitter how it went and she told me they came home looking more rested and relaxed than they had in the past six months. Recharging their batteries helps them continue to foster parent at that super-awesome level. It was a lovely testimony to how everyday folks can support foster families. $3.00 made a real difference. And you'll never hear about it on the news, so I'm going to make sure you hear about it from me.

So I'm gonna spend six months drinking coffee and snacking on biscotti -- for the kids, of course.

I've discovered that coffeehouses are very prevalent in the East End and the Northside, so I need some help to ID spots in other parts of town. Any thoughts?

I've contacted:
The Vault
Quiet Storm
Taza D'oro
Coffee Tree Roasters
Crazy Mocha
Blue Horse

So I'm good with the North Side and the entire East End. I'd really like to find something in the Penn Hills/Monroeville area, the West End and the Homestead/Munhall area. Maybe the North Hills.

So here's my official plea for information on CoffeeHouses or similar places. Ideally, I need


  1. Beehive Coffeehouse on the South Side.

    1327 E. Carson St . Pittsburgh PA . 15203 . 412 488 4483

  2. the leaf and bean and 21st st coffee and tea in the strip

    Caribou Coffee and Crazy Mocha in South Side Works

    Tuscany Cafe on E.Carson St

    Borders Cafe McKnight Road North Hills

    Starbucks McKnight Road

    (unfortunatley, the north hills is all corporatley owned, no indy shops except for island coffee near borders but that's drive thru only)

  3. I never cross the city limits.