Monday, November 12, 2007

Post-Gazette on ENDA "It is a shame"

This is the best the PG could muster on a legislative "victory" at the expense of the most vulnerable members in our (LGBT) community:

If anything, HR 3685 does not go far enough. It should have covered
transsexual and transgender individuals, who are just as worthy of compassion
and understanding, but their interests were sacrificed to increase political
That's a shame. But this bill, if it wins support in the Senate, as
we hope it will, would make a historic statement about tolerating

Wow. The rest of the piece is decent, but there's no real examination of how leaving gender presentation and gender identity out of the legislation impacts us all. There's no sentence about the improbability of amending the act somewhere down the line. There's no acknowledgement that the majority of national LGBT organizations opposed the stripped down version and, thus, no reason to ask why.

And, most importantly, there's no acknowledgement of the legislation introduced in the Pennsylvania chambers by Dan Frankel.

While I personally appreciate their support, I wish the PG editors had written the complex analysis circumstances warrant rather than churning out the "we love the homos" refrain.

That's a shame.


  1. Don't give up hope, yet, Sue. Maybe there will be a follow-up of some sorts that goes into more depth, or perhaps *you* (hint hint) could submit a guest opinion piece.